Namdong-Gu, Incheon

WELCOME TO NAMDONG-GU : The center of incheon and the happiest city in the metropolitan area


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I believe that the opportunity you granted me to be the Mayor of the district is a reflection of your desperate yearning to restore the pride of Namdong-gu, the land of dreams, hopes, and opportunities, as well as the eagerness toward changes and aspirations.

Therefore, I will exert my utmost efforts to create "Namdong-gu where people are equally well-off and vitalized while bringing hopes and dreams to the residents."

Stressing priority to economic stability, I will strive to enhance life quality among the residents through the 'creation of job opportunity,' 'expansion of welfare service for low-income class,' and 'improvement of safe and comfortable residential and educational environment.' Also, I will provide 'Open Administration' that is shared with residents by gathering your opinions and listening to your voices. Especially, I will practice 'on-site administration' by working hard in the field while realizing 'communicative administration' that is operated with the voices of the residents.

With the idea that the best city Namdong-gu will be created through your opinions and suggestions, I sincerely encourage your participation and interest. Please support the administration of Namdong-gu with trust and faith.

Thank you very much and I love you.

Suck-hyeon Jang Mayor of Namdong-gu Office in Incheon Metropolitan City