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Sorae Ecology Park

Sorae Ecology Park in the past

It was the place where salt had been produced until 1996 since the production of the salt field by the Japanese. Seawater was introduced over the salt field twice a day, creating a mud flat. Also, it was busy with ships delivering the produced salt.

Current status of Sorae Ecology Park

With the completion of the park formation business in May 2009 to restore the mud flat, tidal channel, and closed salt field as the bed of various living creatures and habitat for migratory birds, Sorae Ecology Park enables the observation of various marine creatures in the marsh and experience of facility while providing an exhibition hall that presents the information on the facility where salt was produced in the past. Also, it is possible to experience sea salt production and explore various animals and plants in the Nature Learning Center besides the wide range of reed field, windmill, trails, and rest areas. Such facilities are being utilized as a space of rest and relaxation for the citizens.

  • Location: Entire area of 1-17, Nonhyeon-dong, Namdong-gu

Current facility status

Current facility status
Landscape facility 25 straw-woven pavilions , 14 linear pergolas, 5 observation decks, 8 bird observatories 2 ecology observatories,
wooden bridge (11 places, l="38m," b="2.2m), 3 windmills, information boards (50 places, General information = 2, facility information = 18, directional information = 30)
Planted trees 121,677 trees from 12 species besides finge trees (Trident maple, Zelkova, Taxus cuspidata, Antipathes white coral, Judas tree, Deutzia parviflora, Dichotoma beauty berry, azalea, sweetbrier, Vitex rotundifolia, Rhododendron lateritium., Rhododendron schlippenbachii)
7 species besides Chinese tamarisk (1,472 trees), reed (352,420 trees)
Infrastructure Buingyo Bridge Length = "50.24m," width = 4.4/3m, 1 reservoir of the salt field
Marsh (Halophyte, brackish water, flooding, purification), salt field (Reservoir → Evaporating pond → Crystallizing pond)
trail, mud flat experience center
Plants of salt marsh glasswort, Suaeda japonica, Michaelmas daisy


When using expressway

  • Yeongdong - Gyeongbu Expressway → Singal → Incheon Expressway → Wolgot IC → Entry to Sorae direction
  • Gyeongin - Seoul Ring Expressway → Jangsu I.C. → Seohaean Expressway → Wolgot IC →Entry to Sorae direction

When using public transportation

  • Bus No. 21 and 27 from Dongincheon Station
  • Bus No. 38 from Juan Station
  • Bus No. 20 from Baegun Station